About the studio

  • Lee Malone has been fascinated by studio models and props from an early age. His love of movies combined with his passion for models led to a life long study of model building and miniature painting. Lee created Rogue Studio Productions in 2011. Today the studio prides itself in bringing models from concept to final product.

    We build, design, studio scale miniatures as well as props. Our previous work includes consultation to LucasFilm and Master Replicas on the production of their fan made Boba Fett Helmet, Boba Fett Blaster and X-Wing model (Master Replica/EFX). We painted prototypes for Kenney's Custom Props LLC.and consulted with Sideshow Collectibles for their quarter scale Boba Fett (2007).

    In 2015 Anderson Entertainment announced that they have selected Rogue Studio to manufacturer the ITV licensed 44” studio scale Space 1999 Eagle transporter which is currently available.

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